Restricted & Prohibited Animals

Restricted animal means registered miniature livestock such as cattle, goats, horses, jacks, jennets, mules, pigs, sheep and similar animals meeting the published breed definition for registration by the recognized association for breeding such miniature animals.

Restricted animals are prohibited unless the owner obtains an annually renewable permit from City Hall.


The following limitations apply:
  • Ownership is limited to one restricted animal, or one restricted animal per five acres, whichever is greater.
  • Restricted animals may be required to be neutered.
  • Owners must provide an enclosure, in good repair with adequate exercise areas, to prevent escape and injury.
  • Restricted animals are subject to height and weight limitations, as well as Nuisances and Running at Large regulations.


Violations may result in cancellation of a restricted animal permit and required removal of the animal from the City.

Prohibited Animals

It is unlawful to keep or release any wild animals inside the city.