Garage/Estate Sales

Garage sales and estate sales do not require a permit, but residents must follow these rules:

  • A sale event may not last more than three consecutive calendar days.
  • No more than two three-day sale events may be held on the same premises in any one calendar year.
  • One garage sale sign may be placed on private property, avoiding the public right-of-way (approximately 10 feet from the curb). Additional signs may be placed on a neighbor’s property (with the owner’s permission), again avoiding the right-of-way. 
  • Signs are prohibited in the following areas and may be removed by City officials: public street lights, utility poles, street signs, trees, hydrants, medians, and all City-owned property.
  • Signs must be removed immediately upon the completion of the sale
  • Events should be conducted to sell typical used household items. The sale of retail items or items purchased for the purpose of resale is not permitted.
To report a concern about a garage sale in your neighborhood, please email Code Compliance