Where can I get more information about floodplains?
Some documents on floodplains, flood insurance, and floodplain management are available at the Benbrook Public Library at 1065 Mercedes. Additional information and assistance is available in the Community Development Department at City Hall, 911 Winscott Road, or call 817-249-3000. FEMA’s website at www.fema.gov offers more information. The website for the National Flood Insurance Program is www.FloodSmart.gov.

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1. What is a floodplain?
2. How do I know if my property is in the floodplain?
3. Why is it necessary to know whether I am in the floodplain?
4. If I live in the floodplain, am I required to buy flood insurance?
5. I’ve heard that flood insurance is expensive. Can the City help reduce the cost?
6. Which floodplain regulations affect my property?
7. What do I need to obtain a building permit in the floodplain?
8. What is required to build a new home in the floodplain?
9. What are the penalties for violating floodplain regulations?
10. Where can I get more information about floodplains?