Subdivision/Platting Information

The Subdivision Ordinance, Title 16 of the Benbrook Municipal Code, regulates the platting process as well as infrastructure development within the City. It is the policy of the City that all subdivisions approved under the Ordinance must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan, and any other supplemental land use and community development policies that may be recognized or adopted by the City. No plat or subdivision of land within the City or its extraterritorial limits can be approved unless it conforms to such plans, policies, and ordinances.

Plat Required

Every owner of every tract of land located within the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City, who divides the tract into two or more parts, must have a plat approved in accordance with Chapter 212, Subchapters A and B, of the Texas Local Government Code. The plat must be prepared by a registered public surveyor and must accurately describe all of the tracts by previously platted lot and block number, or by metes and bounds, if necessary, and locate same as required by the Subdivision Ordinance. Many plats also require the design and installation of necessary infrastructure in accordance with City Design Standards and Criteria.


Submitting a Plat Application

  • Prior to submitting a plat application:
    • A sketch plat review must be completed; and 
    • Engineering plans must be approved. 
  • A packet including the plat application, checklist for materials required to be submitted with the plat application, and fee information can be found using the following link:

Contact Planning Staff for more information or to schedule a time to submit an application by emailing or calling 817-249-6060.