Impounding Animals

Animals may be impounded for the following reasons:
  • causing a nuisance or running at-large
  • infected or kept under conditions endangering the public or animal
  • being treated cruelly or inhumanely
  • biting a human, or observation for rabies determination
  • violations of the Benbrook Animal Control laws
  • unvaccinated or unregistered cats and dogs
Owners can resume possession of impounded animals upon payment of impoundment fees and any veterinary bills incurred by the animal control officer for the welfare of the animal. Disposition of animals impounded for cruel or inhumane treatment will be determined by the court. Owners of animals impounded for quarantine are not entitled to possession until the animals have been released from quarantine. The City of Benbrook determines the appropriate disposition of animals not reclaimed by the owner after being impounded for five days.